Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

TOYOTA previewed the look of its
second-generation C-HR with a dramatic
concept late last year, and these latest spy
shots suggest that the edgy design is going
to be retained by the production model.
Caught on roads close to Toyota’s
European R&D base, this prototype shows
how some of the key cues from the concept
– called C-HR Prologue – will be retained.
The camouflage does a reasonable job of
disguising the details, but the overall profile
reveals that the chunky ‘blade’ C-pillars are
going to make it to showroom vehicles,
along with the roof spoiler.
The majority of the headlight units are
hidden, but there’s enough visible through
the swirls to suggest that the ‘hammerhead’
motif of the concept will feature. One
set-up. It’s conceivable that the C-HR
could use the same 2.0-litre PHEV system
as the recently revealed Prius Mk5.
That car, which Toyota has elected not
to sell in the UK, has 191bhp and can
manage up to 60 miles on electricity alone.
Even if the C-HR has a slightly smaller
battery, it should be comfortably within
the threshold for low company car tax.
NEWS Toyota C-HR
significant change does appear to have
been made to the bootlid, though, with the
Prologue’s complex, stretched tail-lights
being dropped. Instead there are more
conventional units at the edge of an
integrated lip spoiler beyond the hatchback
glass. Toyota design sources told us at the
concept’s preview that this would probably
be the case, on grounds of cost.
They also suggested that the Prologue’s
roofline was “99 per cent” of the production
version’s, and the prototype certainly
appears to have an aggressive profile. It’s
a sign that Toyota is going to stick to the
original C-HR’s priority of dramatic design,
instead of improving the rear cabin space.
The sides of the C-pillars have been pulled
back slightly, though, in a bid to allow a
little more light through to the back seats.
The prototype’s flanks show evidence
of sharp creases, a key indicator that this

car, which ran silently past our spy snapper,
is a C-HR instead of the production version
of the all-electric bZ Crossover concept that
was also released last year.
Toyota has already confirmed that the
Mk2 C-HR will arrive in 2023, and that
it will be offered as a plug-in hybrid
for the first time, alongside a version
featuring the company’s latest hybrid

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