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VOLKSWAGEN recently announced a
hefty set of upgrades for its ID.3 allelectric
hatchback – but the company isn’t
about to give up on its more famous family
model, the Golf. And now, brand boss Thomas
Schäfer has said that the iconic badge might
be applied to an EV after the combustionengined
versions cease production.
The current Mk8 Golf is due for a facelift
this year, and this is likely to bring further
mild-hybrid tech. Recent spy shots have also
shown that VW is tweaking the controversial
infotainment system, while increasing the
size of the central touchscreen display.
This is likely to be the last generation of
the Golf to feature a combustion engine. But
after this model reaches the end of its life,
in around 2025 or 2026, VW boss Schäfer
says that the Golf name could continue on
an EV – and potentially one that will be sold
alongside the successor to the current ID.3.
Speaking to Auto Express, Schäfer said
that both the ID. and Golf names would
continue. “Both have a reason to stay,” he
told us. “ID. is already a really well known
logo for electrification. We created it, and
the connection of Volkswagen and ID. works;
there’s no need to cancel it or redo it.
“Secondly, we have iconic brand names
like Golf and GTI. You’d be crazy to let them
● Golf name may be used on EV
● Could be sold alongside ID.3
entry point to the company’s EV range –
and he admitted that work has started on
an even cheaper, more compact model.
“The smallest one that we’re coming with
is our ID.2,” he confirmed, “and that will be
well below 25,000 Euros (£21,000). Is that
the end point? No, it can’t be. The reality is
that we need to get something below the
20,000-Euro mark. The team’s now working
on ideas for how we get there. We haven’t
found the solution yet, but I personally think
it can be done, although you have to talk
about range and what’s really necessary in
such a vehicle. Battery cost is, at the
moment, the deciding factor.”
This confirms that VW is looking to tap
into a project first revealed by Auto Express
(Issue 1,745). Skoda boss Klaus Zellner said
that his team is in charge of the exploratory
work on an even cheaper EV. “Skoda has to
be the brand that has the easiest access
into the VW Group,” he told us. “And we’re
tasked to find the right solution for that.”
more expensive PPE platform, into a single
chassis and battery set-up called SSP.
But rumours suggest that VW is now
preparing to extend the life of MEB by
investing around 1.3billion Euros (£1.1bn)
to allow the platform to accept the firm’s
forthcoming ‘unified battery cells’ and
charge more quickly, at more than 200kW.
These elements would deliver cost savings
for VW, at the same time as improving the ID.
models’ competitiveness against key rivals.
Schäfer also revealed that the GTI name
will be heading into electrification, possibly
at the expense of the still-new GTX badge.
“The discussion we’re having now is to
get the electric vehicles into performance
and then carry the GTI name forward,” he
said. “GTX was an idea on the way to
electrification; we came up with a different
name. In future, whether we’ll need this or
not, we’ll see. But GTI is so strong.”
Schäfer confirmed that a new small allelectric
Volkswagen is on track to be the
Our exclusive
images show
ID. Golf could
bring typical
cues to VW’s
MEB platform
Steve Fowler
die. At the moment we’re working out our
future line-up and naming logic. We will
probably stick with ID. – but at the same time
iconic models will also carry their name, like
we have with the ID. Buzz. It works.”
Asked whether this means Volkswagen
could potentially have a vehicle called ID.
Golf, Schäfer replied, “We might.”
He added that the Polo supermini is less
likely to continue than its larger stablemate.
“It [the Polo] is pretty iconic,” Schäfer said,
“but is it iconic enough to carry on? That’s
not clear yet. Golf is definitely one we’ll
keep – there’s no way we’d let that go.”
Our exclusive images show how VW
could take the acknowledged Golf styling
cues – in particular, its sharply angled
rear hatchback and thick C-pillars – and
transpose them onto a vehicle based on
the ID.3’s MEB all-electric platform. This
architecture had been expected to die in
around 2026, when VW was planning to
integrate its principles, and those of the

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